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We sell Authentic designer brands.

We specialize in the customization of designer handbags and accessories

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In regards to Art and the Creative Process, We, at Khandilux, have the upmost respect and appreciation for all the brands that we sell and customize. We too respect their original, amazing designers and we stand unified that every product retains its earned value. Therefore; we have a ZERO-tolerance policy for fakes and Replicas. We do not Purchase, Sell, Consign,Customize, or Endorse in any way, any item that is not A Genuine Authentic product.

All handbags and designer Items that are sold by KhandiLux Boutique Must go through a Mandatory multi-point, in-house authentication process. To further the process Khandilux Uses a second line of security by enlisting a well established third-party service provider to provide a certificate of authentication that allows us to give each customer the added security and confidence to purchase from Khandilux Boutique. All items sold at Khandilux Boutique are backed with a Certificate of Authenticity. All Customers will have the option to print the certificate for a $9 fee and have it Included in their order. Certificates are provided to Khandilux Boutique By Legit Grails, a trusted 3rd party authentication service. We will stand behind our items with a full-money back guarantee if its not as we say. We offer this service  because we understand that we resell designer items and for the customer it is a great option in the case he or she may want the added security.

KhandiLuxBoutique is independent from any brand affiliation. Brands sold by KhandiLuxBoutique are not partnered or affiliated with KhandiLuxBoutique in any manner.  Brands are not responsible for any product purchased from KhandiLuxBoutique, and they cannot guarantee the authenticity. None of the brands sold assume any responsibility from any products purchased from or by KhandiLuxBoutique.  Authenticity certificates are provided to you solely by KhandiLuxBoutique and issued by Legit Grails, Respectively 

KhandiLuxBoutique will Never sell or customize counterfeit merchandise.