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Life Is Precious

A little story about this 1999 Louis Vuitton Spring Street. 

One day while making rounds, buying inventory for the boutique, I met a client that had some authentic bags that I was going to buy. As I was looking at the items, she pulled out this little pink bag that looked like it had seen better days. The client casually tossed it to the side and said she was going to throw it away.

I decided to offer her $100. The bag was badly damaged, but since it was authentic I figured, at the very least, it could be used for parts in the boutique. That would be a little better than the trash. She accepted and I took the bag with me.

It sat for quite some time. About a year passed and no one in the boutique thought much about it. Then the day came when my husband, an artist that goes by Digital Poet, seen it lying around and asked me, "Whats up with this bag Babe? So I told him, "nothing much just for parts."

I remember him saying, "so I can go ahead and paint on it then?" I smiled and said, "Sure Babe, go for it"

A little over a month passed before it was complete and I must say that I was astonished at the result. I couldn't believe that i was looking at the same bag. It was completely transformed. He finished it off with the words "Life is Precious". It was the most appropriate phrase that fits perfectly with the bags story. When I found it, it belonged to someone who was going to trash it. Whatever happened through its years to get in that condition, the owner had determined that it's worth was to go in the trash can. My husband determined otherwise and seen a different potential, so now it stands tall, Dazziling in Gold, representing a new life, a new beginning and realization of how precious life really is. 

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